People often ask me about meditation because they are curious, but mostly because they long to create some stillness in their lives and to find relief from the ongoing background noise in their minds. Our daily mental activities are generally self-referential and often more negative than not. We perceive the world and our lives a certain way and then we react to those perceptions, or we create a story about what we are seeing.

When we take time regularly to sit in a quiet space and turn our attention inward, we create an opportunity to touch something very real and unique in ourselves that is mostly overlooked and underdeveloped. In time, this simple act of sitting in stillness, guides us back to our centre and away from the pull of the outer world. We also have the opportunity to observe our breath, our thoughts, our feelings and sensations without a need to interpret them. Being present to what arises moment by moment is a powerful way to be fully engaged and vitally alive.

The key is to be receptive to whatever arises. Pushing away unwanted thoughts and feelings often makes for more inner conflict. Simply observing them gives them a space to be what they are and then they tend to dissolve or soften. A meditation practice, even a short one, gives us an opportunity to practice being open, accepting and even curious about the comings and goings of the moment. We can also practice acceptance and self-compassion.

Following are some of the benefits of a regular meditation practice:

  1. Mental and Physical Relaxation ~ Many people are operating in a “fight or flight” response that is the body’s natural response to danger – increased heart rate, blood pressure and adrenaline. Even though there is no ‘real’ danger present, many live in a heightened sense of it. Breathing & meditation takes us towards a balanced physiological response and mental ease.
  2. A Sharper Mind ~ When we pay attention through meditation, it helps us sustain attention in everyday life. It also awakens our senses and enriches what we take in from the world outside.
  3. Objectivity ~ Regular meditation nurtures a bit of non-attachment from our thoughts and diminishes their grip on us. We can also develop more perspective on ourselves , our habits and behaviours.
  4. Mindfulness ~ As we learn to keep bringing the mind back to the present moment with out judgement, we can notice and let go of agitation, boredom, expectation or negativity. Mindfulness is that moment to moment awareness that allows us to have true reflection, to be with what is and what we are feeling in our body.
  5. More Energy & Better Health ~ The ability to maintain a state of stillness, even for brief periods of time, produces powerful energetic and health changes. As we lessen the strength of negative emotions and limiting beliefs, we naturally begin to help our wellbeing flourish.


A meditation practice is excellent to introduce at any age or stage of life. I first found meditation in my mid teens to help me through a period of depression. I was amazed at how different I felt and the new perspective this ancient practice gave me. Even young children can be very receptive to meditation. It is as though some wise part of them knows the beauty of stillness.

We all crave some stillness and to touch what is most real and reliable inside. As one comes to a regular practice, the gifts are meditation are offered to us, along with the chance to realize that everything we seek is resonating within.

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