Classes, Workshops and private practice in BodyMind Wisdom, Psychotherapy, Yoga, Movement & Meditation

Psychotherapy Services
Psychotherapy provides a path towards understanding ourselves and the life we have been living. To know oneself on deeper levels is to embrace life in all its aspects and to begin to create the life we most desire, perhaps the life we are meant to be living.

Through this work we can travel the uncharted waters of our unconscious and move with confidence into that which is hidden inside ourselves, and that which calls out for recognition.

With 35 years of experience working with the body, I am particularly drawn to body based psychotherapy. It involves inquiry & exploration into the felt sense. In connecting to our body and its ‘mind’, we learn that we are much more than our thoughts and perceptions.



Some of the ways I apply my skills:

Mindfulness based Cognitive Inquiry 

Breath & Yoga based therapies for Emotional Balance

Contemplative Exercises & Journaling 

Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)

Certified HeartMath Facilitator

Clinical Hypnosis


BodyListening is a tool to plumb the often hidden depths of the bodymind. It has naturally evolved out of my studies in movement, meditation, and my own years of personal practice. Essentially it is a guided meditation where I help participants to drop beneath the internal chatter of thoughts and to walk inside the world of the body’s wisdom. Through varying questions & inquiry, one can access deeply held feelings & beliefs, as well as the richness of intuition. The head thinks, but the body knows.

“Unless you know your body – feel it, sense it, rather than deny it – you can’t go beyond the still picture you have of yourself” – Mirka Knaster



Janice is a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario