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The CD’s were developed over 3 years as clients were asking for a format
of my practices which they could use at home.
I included a relaxation CD after many requests to record a guided ‘Savasana’.
I hope you enjoy them and find them helpful on your path to self awareness and peace.

Essential Breath CD by Janice Skinner - Download Your Copy Today

Essential Breath

Six guided practices to listen to individually.


  • Introduction
  • Essential Breath
  • Relaxing Breath
  • Pliable Core
  • Ocean Wave
  • Revitalize
  • Breath, Sound and Vibration
  • $16.00 (includes taxes)



Fluid Breath CD by Janice Skinner - Download Your Copy Today

Fluid Breath

Five breath explorations to build on Essential Breath, or can be purchased on its own. Lots of water imagery to create a fluid, expansive feeling.


  • Spiral Breath
  • Quiet Lake
  • Ancient River
  • Ocean Wave
  • Fluid
  • $16.00 (includes taxes)



Relax CD by Janice Skinner - Download Your Copy Today


Two guided relaxations, “Earth” and “Space”, that journey into the body. These are great for people in body based practices like yoga, tai chi, movement, dance and martial arts. Listen to individually.

  • $10.00 (includes taxes)



Presence - Guided Meditations by Janice Skinner - Download Your Copy Today


Five guided meditations. Differing track lengths to suit the time you want to devote on any given day.

  • $16.00 (includes taxes)

” Thank you for lulling me to sleep last night. After tossing, turning while processing my days events, I realized it was after midnight and I needed to close my eyes and calm my body. I have your breathing cds downloaded on my ipod which made them so easy to access that late. I chose Yoga Nidra from the “Presence CD” and once I heard your soothing voice I immediately felt more grounded and centered. With each one of your guided instructions I was slowly able to relax every part of my being. As my breath slowed I felt so connected with my body. I felt completely peaceful and was able to fall into a deep sleep. “

— Alex.

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