Classes, Workshops and private practice in BodyMind Wisdom, Psychotherapy, Yoga, Movement & Meditation

Janice Skinner – www.janiceskinner.comSince my early twenties, I have been fascinated by perception and how as individuals we shape our world according to those personal perceptions. I began studying yoga, movement, acupressure & energy practices; along with reading Jung, Krishnamurti, Joseph Campbell and Castaneda. Through studies in Canada & the U.S I became a yoga teacher, movement therapist & shiatsu practitioner.
Along with that I studied breathwork, meditation, sound, reiki & yoga nidra.

I have always revered the wisdom of the body, and the body’s ability to naturally seek healing & balance. We are a microcosm of the earth. The bodymind is that multi-faceted ‘us’ that seems to be at once mysterious and yet so open & beckoning. To dive deeper, I began studying psychotherapy and the realms of the transpersonal. Also, I completed a certificate program through U of Toronto in Applied Mindfulness Meditation within the psychotherapy stream. I am also a Certified HeartMath Facilitator.

So after 32 years of study and working with hundreds of students & clients, I am still filled with awe and honour when I work with each person who comes to me. We are at once a personal universe and connected to the Whole.

Much of my work specializes in anxiety, stress management, moving through illness and those desiring a deeper connection to their wise Self.


Private sessions are tailored for each person.
They could involve any or all of the following:

  • yoga
  • breath education
  • meditation
  • psychotherapy
  • bodylistening/Active Internal Listening
  • yoga nidra/guided relaxation
  • acupressure & energy work


The following CDs are available for download.

  • Essential Breath (guided breath work)
  • Fluid Breath (guided breath work)
  • Relax (guided relaxations)
  • Presence (guided meditations)

About Janice Skinner