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WORKSHOPS:  Autumn 2022

Candlelight Meditation    Monday November 21st  7:15 – 8:45 pm

Esther Myers Yoga Studio  390 Dupont St

Coming together for an evening of tiny rituals for awakening our senses and returning to inner silence.

Dance Temple  

Monday December 19th 7:15 – 8:45 pm 

Esther Myers Yoga Studio  390 Dupont St

Dance is one of the oldest forms of prayer, ceremony and expression. For our early ancestors it was a form of ritual that carried them through the wheel of each year.  Like a ritual, this workshop has a beginning, middle and end. We begin with a short talk and then we’ll open it up to music from varying genres, all in honour of the Winter Solstice and the ‘return of the sun’. The key is to allow your body some freedom of expression, which could be a choice to stand and move, sit and feel, or even lie down and listen to the pulses and waves within. There is no right or wrong to way move….. it’s in us to move! We are designed to move, whether big or tiny movements. This can facilitate a release of tension, and allow a free flow within us.



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AWAKENING OUR SENSES:   Portugal  2023

* details coming soon

WILD GRACE:   Salt Spring Island  2023 

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Sea & Sky:  Hiking on the East Coast Trail  Avalon Peninsula Newfoundland September 2022

Awakening Our Senses: Costa Rica  February 2020

Yoga, Spirituality & Cultural Heritage In Northern India   March 2019

Mystic Paths: Coastal Walks in Wales    Summer 2018

The Spirit of Place: Hiking in Northern Spain   Summer 2017

Sensuality & Practice  Tuscany Italy   Summer 2016

Earth & Water   Vancouver Island   Summer 2015

The Well Lived Life   France   Summer 2014

Fluid Awareness   Mexico   Winter 2013


and many Ontario retreats!!



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