Bonding With Gravity/Align in Supine


Bonding With Gravity/Align in Supine:


Although lying down may not seem like a pose, it is in fact a very important one and forms the basis for your entire practice. When we return to the support of the earth and gather attention into the present moment, we create a connection to what is essential, nourishing, aligning and freeing. We give up doing and are simply able to be.


This in turn can relax a high firing nervous system, allow muscles to soften and joints to ‘open’ like gateways for pranic flow, and create a noticing of all that is in this moment – without expectation or judgement.


Lie down with or without support under your knees and head, depending on what is most comfortable for you, but keep any head support to a minimum so the axis of pranic flow from crown to heart stays long. Allow arms and legs to be far enough apart so shoulders and hips can fall away from the midline of your body and into gravity. Stretch heels away for a moment to lengthen the back of your ankles and then let feet release. Shift shoulder blades away from your spine and draw shoulders downward. Allow front ribs to soften.


Open your senses to the present moment, simply noticing the sounds, the sense of space around you, the air on your skin, the feeling of breath flow. Soften your eyes behind closed lids, release your jaw, feel your inner ears are warm and your throat is spacious.  Rest in this awakened presence and sensing for a least 3 mins.




Part Two:  Place your hands on your lower front ribs with the heel of your hands angling towards side ribs. Slowly blow a few breaths out from your mouth and pause for a moment at the end of each exhale, but without using any muscular effort! just float inside the exhale and pause. Let the next inbreath expand under your hands evenly and slowly and feel your ribs expand outward. If you’re not used to deep breathing, this can take time. The more you practice, the freer your ribs and lungs will become and efforting  to breathe deeply, evenly and smoothly will become effortless – your presence and intention will be the key.


Now the breath is through the nose for both in & out breaths. Allow your breathing to find a deeper, slower rhythm. Let it feel pleasurable and caressing – breath is a gift.


Once you feel your breath is in the area of lower ribs and possibly even your back and reaching into your pelvis, you can either keep hands on or let them release back to the floor.     Practice for at least 3 to 5 mins.


*studies show that 15 mins of deep breathing lowers blood pressure, slows heart rate variability and shifts brainwaves. More nervous system relaxation = a more centered and happy you!

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