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The Promise of Inner Work

Sometimes throughout our adult lives we find ourselves feeling stuck, or perhaps we discover certain patterns of behaviour we express, or even patterns in relationships. Emotions can also be patterns, and we might say that they are patterns of energy. We may be experiencing a loop of certain emotions in our day to day lives; […]

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Meditation: People often ask me about meditation because they are curious, but mostly because they long to create some stillness in their lives and to find relief from the ongoing background noise in their minds. Our daily mental activities are generally self-referential and often more negative than not. We perceive the world and our lives […]

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Obstacles To Freedom

Of course, there are many perspectives on this. I’ve always thought two of the biggest obstacles are that we don’t think it’s really possible to be free, or we feel we don’t deserve to live with a sense of freedom. Sure there are responsibilities and bills to pay, even pain and crisis, but we can […]

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Water for Life

Recently while hosting a retreat in Mexico, I had the great pleasure of listening to ocean waves day and night. Swimming in the ocean reconnected me with waters ability to surge, recede, flow, spiral, undulate and occasionally be more still. Being rocked and buoyant felt restorative and being lifted, pulled, pushed and sometimes whirled around while […]

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Anxiety Part 2 – Nutrition and Homeopathy by Beth Landau-Halpern

From my observation, anxiety is a widely prevalent mental symptom – just about every client I see suffers with some sort of anxiety.  This runs the gamut from mild, transient, occasional anxiety, to crippling, overwhelming, truly debilitating anxiety. Anxiety is what homeopaths often refer to as a “delusional state” – the emotion is generally not […]

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Anxiety From a Yogic Perspective                                                                                                     […]

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Being In The Place of Love

Here is a lovely post by my friend & colleague Laura Luz. Being in the place of LOVE is a natural and comfortable state for us all.   If we focused only on loving others then we would have no difficulty achieving a constant state of Love… that high vibrating place where we feel blissful and humble […]

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As day turns to night, we begin to shift towards the rest and stillness of sleep.  Some people have a  particular ‘ritual’ that they engage in like reading or listening to music. One student, Caterina relates her approach to bedtime.  It is something she tries to incorporate at least a few nights a week. I […]

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My Healing Practice

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  When I first began practicing yoga asana (postures) & pranayama in my early 20’s, I was drawn to both the movement & the spirituality of this ancient science. I had done some meditation in my mid teens to counteract some depression I was experiencing, by sitting for 20 mins. twice a day with a […]

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