Being In The Place of Love

Here is a lovely post by my friend & colleague Laura Luz.

Being in the place of LOVE is a natural and comfortable state for us all.   If we focused only on loving others then we would have no difficulty achieving a constant state of Love… that high vibrating place where we feel blissful and humble at the same time.  It is only when another brushes up against our deep inner wounds that we find ourselves away from the place of loving another.  It is because we have been poked in a peeled and raw place, and we become stunned by the pain we feel, and therefore recoil before we are even aware of what has occurred.


Sometimes we might lash out; which is a common and primal reaction to feeling human pain.  We are attempting to create distance, and to further guard ourselves from an additional onslaught of hurt.  But in reality, we are so much more at ease in the place of love.  When we feel love, we are the most like our core selves.  The most like the pure energy that initially came into this world… that magical loving child of wonder, and we see only light while we shower others with our attention, care and humor.  It is most joyful indeed.


So when we find ourselves “out” of love with ourselves, and in the place of fear… for there is only Loveand Fear that exists… or maybe a better way of saying this is… There is only Love and the absence of Love.  And so when we find ourselves in a place that is “other than Love” then what is really happening is that we are no longer in love with ourselves.  We are feeling flawed because we have taken some gesture, or some words from another as a judgment and message that we are “not enough” or that we are less than perfect.  And further, we have believed this idea, even though it possibly was not what was intended; that they are possibly within their own state of “love absence” and cannot fully draw on their own self-love.


For loving self is the potent seed to the expansion of loving another; ALL others… be it family, friends, community, culture, nations and even further still – our galactic families. Loving self is the answer to all Love questions, and yet…within this physical plane, and without the fullness of our memories, we struggle with this concept regularly.




One of the things we can do to experience a more fullness of self-love is to be in nature frequently by ourselves; immerse ourselves within all the splendor that mother earth abundantly lavishes upon us.  Feel the winds upon our face, and listen to the water lap up on the edges of her land.  Observe the wonders of the teaming life that surrounds us… the colors, the dance, the balance that she imparts to our gaze.  Feel the bottoms of our feet connect to her earth as we walk, and then… ever so gently move your life force down through your body to connect with the core of her earth.  She is the purifier of our energy.  Nothing is wasted or lost when we connect with our natural planet. The beauty that she shares is in every place that we look.

And is she not the most beloved of mothers as she whispers to us from the highest realms, reminding us that we are wholly perfect in our unique state?  How can we not listen to her and how can we not feel the love that is so fully present and available for us at our immediate bidding? And when we once again KNOW of our unique perfection, embracing both the light and the shadow parts of our humanness… then yet again we become full of love and may enter the world to reconnect with others.  We are then whole enough to behave as natural up-lifters within our surrounding communities; to ripple out our loving words and gestures for the good of all who live within our lifetime, knowing fully that whatever we do unto another, we are doing fully unto ourselves in the process.

So continue dear ones to find alone time within Mother Nature’s embrace so as to remember and reclaim your personal wholeness.



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